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The Literary club is a forum where highly talented and creative minds get a chance to let their vices flow, express their thoughts and share something exciting. All through the year, the club organizes a number of events like Business, political and sports quizzes, British parliamentary debate, JAM, Group discussions, extempore etc.

It is the place where students can share their insights and social issues. The club is started in the motto that a small discussion inside the classroom may lead to a great discussion in future. This also will help the students to improve their communication talent.

Simile (song)

Everything at once

Students can withstand stress by learning to play music. It may help the students to relax them and it develops spatial intelligence. The music can teach them valuable disciplines and it seems that music can improve the memory power, teamwork, coordination among students. It will also enhance the language and reasoning of students. For these beneficial reasons, music and songs are included as a part of SRI SHAKTHI’s curriculum.


Topic on - Importance of English and Tamil

For any educational institute, it is important to keep track of confidence of the students. Sri Shakthi is very concerned in that matter and allocated a Debate Club for monitoring the intellectual skills of the students.

The main aim of the debate club is to teach the students about the art of public speaking and critical thinking. The Club members can able to develop their individual abilities to reason and employ analytical thinking as they strive to understand all the possible arguments about the topic. This Club will create a friendly discussion in a virtual environment.

Visual Activity (Movie)

The days of traditional black-board education are gone. Now it is the new age of smart classes which support the faculty to impart education using PowerPoint presentations, videos, audios, word documents, images. As "A picture is worth a thousand words", students will clearly understand the lessons through this kind of representations.

The class which uses these digital tools will create more interactive sessions. This class will be perfect for all different kinds of students. Those who need repeated explanation also can able to follow the classes quickly via different forms of media.

Spell Bee

The most interesting part of any language is the correct spelling of words that are used in any writing. Once the word is misspelled, the whole message of the writing will not be conveyed correctly. So it is very important to teach the students about the spellings of different words. The Spell bee will improve the vocabulary of the language and allow them to excel at reading and writing. Students can increase their confidence, competitive spirit and knowledge on their language.


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